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2018 Fall Baptisms


We celebrated God’s mercy and grace in the life of his people through baptisms this Sunday. Seven people publicly, boldly, and beautifully told their story of the mercy and grace of God colliding with their hearts and them never being the same.

Baptism is a symbol or an outward expression of an inward reality. It tells the world that the mercy and grace of God has collided with your soul and you belong to Jesus.

Yesterday, we got to celebrate 7 men and women telling their story of the power and kindness of Jesus coming to bear on their life. These are their stories.




“I had always felt pressured to be perfect. My parents had taught me to work hard and earn everything on my own. But I didn’t have to earn His love. He gave it freely. And no matter what I did, or said, or failed to do and say, He loved me. I could walk confidently again knowing He was by my side.”

– Kellie




“I realized Jesus was my Savior and God was in control of my life when I hydroplaned going 80 mph in highway traffic in May 2018. During the entire thing though, I had such a peace about everything. A peace I had never experienced before. I was completely fine, and that is when I realized God is in control of my life. I broke down crying in my car, and just became overwhelmed by God’s love and grace for me.”

– Gabe




“Before Jesus, I found my worth and value in what the world told me to value. I was obsessed with what others perceive me as and also making great grades, being great at sports and having the best friend group. This lead to a life of dissatisfaction, that I could never be enough because someone was always going to be better than me. This past summer where I really heard what the gospel meant for the first time. I came to faith this summer after realizing that I was broken and that while the wages of my sin may be death, Jesus died on the cross so that I could be saved and have an eternal life and relationship with Him.”

– Abbie




“I relinquished all the desperation, everything that was weighing within me. I asked that He would take it all away, that He would lift my burdens. I cried and screamed to Him in a fit of emotion, calling to Him at rock bottom. It was then that I made peace with God and asked for his grace. I hold on to that moment so preciously, knowing that it was His son’s life that He had given up for me, for someone who felt, and still feels, so undeserving. I don’t think I will ever be able to fathom that. I went to Him at my lowest, and He so faithfully rained down His truth and His word. He rescued me from that pit, and it was then that I felt His spirit complete me in a way I never knew was possible.”

– Emma




“I was saved a while ago, but never got baptized because i was sprinkled as an infant. The last year, God has done such an amazing work in me and I wanted to walk in obedience and be baptized”

– Anna




“I did not know my biological father for most of my life. Fortunately, I met Jesus before I met him. While I could still feel anger towards him, I felt the power of spirit guide my words and interactions to show a man who wronged me grace and mercy. With Jesus I know who I am how his redemption means I do not need to compare myself to other or do the impossible to right my sins. After Jesus, I knew what it meant to be loved.”

– Harrison




“The fact that Jesus has accepted and created me and fought for me since the beginning of time is what awakened my heart to who He is as my savior. Jesus’ consistent pursuit for my heart showed me what sacrificial love really is.”

– Lauren

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