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A Partner's View of The Paradox – Part 2

by Matt Walker – member of The Paradox

a continuation of Part 1

Although it is common within the Christian culture to go door-to-door evangelizing or trackbombing people, the statistics show that that is not the most effective way. It is through relationships. You may ask, “Why is that?” The answer is that the people that you are around look at your life. As they see your authentic faith and your love for them they begin to trust what you have to say to them. This opens the door wide open for discussing Jesus.

Recently, I have had the amazing opportunity to be witness to this in my own life. I have gotten the chance to share the gospel and answer questions about Christianity with many of my co-workers. This wasn’t an easy thing though. When I started at the restaurant where I work people ridiculed my faith and constantly expressed their animosity toward Christianity. Many of them had grown up in church, but they were scarred from experiences that they had there. Once they were out of their parents’ house they walked away. It has taken two and a half years of getting to know them and caring for them for God to open the door. It has been a painful and difficult road, but as I’ve prayed for them and withstood their criticism (by God’s grace), the door has been opened.

I encourage you to read Matthew 22:34-40. Here, Jesus is asked by a Pharisee what the greatest commandment is. He replies by telling him that it is essentially to love God and love people. As Christians, we are called to do this as well. We should be those who passionately pursue God, and allow that to foster a love for people in the process. This missional mindset will open the door to sharing the beauty of Jesus, and will change those around us.
May we be the kind of people who love God and love people because of His love for us. May we be those who are outwardly focused and missional. May we be the salt and light of truth and grace within our context (Matthew 5:13-16). In the process, God will be glorified, and we will be blessed because of it.

Christ is All,

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