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A Wild Heart and Our Families

Dear Mom & Dad,

We are currently in a sermon series, “A Wild Heart,” that kicked off on January 21st! We will be diving into the Song of Songs with topics on “Sex, Singleness, and Marriage.” It’s a beautiful Song and we are excited to step into the conversation and encourage our singles and marrieds and you, as parents.

There are so many voices influencing our children today in regards to sexuality and being single and being married and we want you to know how to have conversations with your kids. Not the kind of unprepared, stumbling-through-it, “hope this ends soon” conversations but the kind where you are confident in the word of God and what that means for your child. We will follow up soon with some amazing books, links to blogs and articles, and podcasts.

First, however, we know many of you have children who sit in the service and we wanted to give you a heads up that we are boldly engaging in the text. The Song is beautiful and we are unashamed in preaching how God is wild in his love and commitment to us, how he is near to us, and how we can express that holiness in sex, singleness, and marriage. On the following Sundays, there will be more “PG-13” content during the sermon and we want you adequately prepared:

February 18 – Communication (1:7-2:7)
March 18 – Sex Without Shame (4:1-5:1)
March 25 – Conflict & Reconciliation (5:2-6:3)
April 8 – Pure Passion (6:4-8:4)

Tips for those weeks, depending on the age of your child:

  • Have your child listen to an audio book. If you aren’t wanting your child to hear the content, you can bring headphones and encourage them to listen to a book on the iPhone or iPad. (Could be helpful for children younger than 10.)
  • Before the sermon, let your child know that there will be some content that we talk about related to intimacy in marriage. Tell them you’ll answer their questions. Follow up on the way home to see if they have questions or thoughts about the content. (Best for ages 8 and older.)
  • Pack a busy bag. Especially for our elementary-aged children, bringing a bag with coloring pages and crayons, books, and quiet toys will encourage their presence in the room while giving them an activity to occupy their attention.

We are sure that God is already doing a good work in your homes and can’t wait to see what good things He does. May you be confident in Him.

Look for our upcoming post with resources!

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