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A Wild Heart – Part 3

While the Song is ultimately sung to young women about marital intimacy and love, it does sing to other themes that we will address as well: conflict, attraction, communication, and reconciliation.

Ultimately, however, the Song is about Jesus. Not in the strange way that some have done to allegorize the Song of Songs making the king on his couch be a symbol of Jesus in Mary’s womb (1:12), or the sachet of myrrh that lies between the wife’s breasts, Christ in your heart between the commands to love God and neighbor (1:13)! But in the sense that all of Scripture points to Jesus (John 5:39, Luke 24:27).

As Peter Kreeft has said, “God is love, and music is the language of love; therefore, music is the language of God.” It is God who gave us the Song of Songs; it is God who gave us sex and marriage (and singleness!). And it is God who gave us His Son, who betrothed us to Himself in love—a love greater and more intimate and filled with more joy than any human marriage relationship could offer.

Though we have many hopes for this series as we study this great book—that we would recapture the sex narrative in our culture, that we would see freedom from sexual sin and abuse, that we would see lots of engagements, marriages, and baby dedications in 2018, that singles would own and love their singleness for the ministry and mission of God, and that they would break up with their non-Christian boy/girlfriend—our one great hope is that you would see the beauty of Jesus and the love of God towards you in the Gospel all the more.

May the Lord do these things according to his grace and mercy and love for us.

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