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A Wild Heart – Part 4

Leaders, here are a few thoughts to consider:

  • Lead out of your weakness, sin, and vulnerability – No marriage is perfect, no one is totally pure. There will be awkward conversations, tough topics, and interesting moments throughout the series in your City Group gatherings. You don’t have to have the perfect marriage to lead; you only need grace and the power of the Spirit. You will lead and disciple people best when you lead out of your weakness, not your strength.
  • Expect the Enemy to attack – He wants marriages to fail, singles to be discouraged, conflict all over. Adulteries will be confessed, sexual sin will come to the surface, and God will use all of it for his glory and our good. Pray. Pray! PRAY!!! Pray for your people. You will lead them best as you fight for them in prayer.
  • Remember the singles in your midst – If you are primarily around married folk, in a group with mainly married folk, it’s easy to forget the singles. Invite them into your home and life and let them see a Gospel marriage. Remember to address their desires and temptations. “Graciously demand” holiness from them. Love them. Pray for them. Pray over them.
  • Remember the married folk in your midst – If you are primarily around single folk, in a group with mainly singles, it’s easy to forget that one married couple. They are probably just learning marriage, struggling through it, and will feel a responsibility to have it all together for the younger single folk around. Give them permission to struggle. Pray for them. Pray over them.
  • Facilitate coed and single gender conversations – There is great fruit that comes from couples and singles hearing wisdom from the opposite gender on these issues. Make sure you encourage conversations in coed settings. It will also be helpful to plan men only and women only discussions.
  • Pursue people that stop coming during this sermon series – Married and single people might want to avoid discussing these topics and find creative reasons to not come to City Group gatherings. You or someone close to them should personally follow up to see if there is something they are trying to avoid.  

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