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A Wild Heart

There is a lie that most of us in the church are fond of believing – that we could never be as dirty or broken as those people. In light of our Wild Heart series that just wrapped up, there is a particularly relevant lie that our men can be prone to believing: that there is no way any of us could stoop to the depths of sexual brokenness that lead to purchasing a woman or girl for sex like those people do. We like to believe it is out of the realm of possibility, far beyond the “run of the mill” sexual sin that regular guys commit. We delude ourselves into thinking that a casual consumption of pornography or unchecked thoughts of fantasy could never lead us down the road to actually participating in something as vile as buying another human being.

However, if I seriously stop and examine the depths of my own heart, I know this not to be the case. But for the grace of God, I am perfectly capable of treating another human being as an object to be bought and sold, simply for my own personal satisfaction.

It is this deep set wickedness in the hearts of men that has created a voracious demand for commercial sex, right here in our city. Every single day, “normal” men, from blue collar guys in work trucks to doctors and oilmen in Benzes, purchase exploited women to meet their broken sexual desires. It is an abhorrent act to take someone made in the image of our God and degrade her to the level of a couch you can buy on Craigslist. And yet it happens, hundreds of times a day, in our backyard. This means that on a daily basis hundreds of vulnerable women are offered up as sacrifices to the god of our city’s sexual brokenness. What can we do?

We can be better men. Men who aspire to the higher view of manhood lived out by Jesus. Men who are ready to sacrifice time, money, and energy to protect these vulnerable women. Men who are tired of “boys being boys,” taking what they want and leaving wreckage behind them. Men who are ready to engage the broken men in our city with the hope of the gospel to free them from their slavery to sin.

Earlier this month, another group of normal men – college students, musicians, IT guys, and accountants – talked to almost 100 broken, enslaved men in less than 2 hours. Men who had committed to buy sex merely seconds before. This group has taken it upon themselves to be a disruptive force for good that pushes back the darkness of men’s wicked hearts. However, this is a battle that cannot be won with the church on the sidelines. Men who know and love Jesus must be on the frontlines and in the trenches. The women who are being bought and sold everyday are begging you to be there – I’m begging you, too. Join us.

MASE (Men Against Sexual Exploitation) Training – Saturday June 16th

Email Ty Bowden with questions and for more info on how you can help.

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