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I grew up in Detroit but traveled around with my family as my dad played and managed in professional baseball until I was 16. My own professional baseball career started at 18 and brought me to Fort Worth to play for the Fort Worth Cats where I met Heather, my wife now of 12 years. We have three daughters, Harper Grace, Hollis Jane, and Hadden Faith.

After eight years of professional baseball I retired and entered vocational ministry. After two years as a resident church-planting intern with Cityview Church in North Fort Worth, my wife and I started The Paradox in our living room with eight people.


About a year before we started The Paradox, I remember walking around Downtown at the Fort Worth Weekly Music Festival and feeling my heart drawn to all the people around me. It was that moment that Jesus soldered the city to my bones—I realized that I love this city and its people.

Francis Schaeffer once described the human race as “a glorious ruin.” Fort Worth is both glorious and a ruin. Our city is broken yet beautiful. There are people hurting, in need, impoverished, oppressed; there are others who are steeped in man-made religion and mired in an obsequious morality paired with a pursuit of every empty shadow our consumeristic culture provides. And yet, Fort Worth is also thriving and growing; there is still a semblance of a city that, just maybe, wants to be glorious.

I believe that for Fort Worth to thrive, the Church in Fort Worth must thrive.


My hope for us is that we would be a Jesus-treasuring, diverse, church-planting church. That we would own the lostness of our city. That we would own the brokenness of our city. And that Jesus’ name would be more famous in Fort Worth.

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