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Beyond the Song – Part 1

Beyond the Song: A Common Discussion of the Uncommon Access Music Provides
Beyond the Song: Imagine Balaam’s Donkey in a Rock Band

by Ezra Boggs

Long before our age of entertainment-induced apathy, Abraham Kuyper said, “All areas of human thought and life must bow before the word of God… Every human thought must be answerable to God’s word in Scripture.”

And this is encouraging, especially knowing that the term ‘wonderfully made’ in Psalm 139:14 is the Hebrew word palah which means ‘to be separated or distinct: – distinguished, or set apart’. As a result, by submission to the authority of Scripture, the preferences, priorities, and lifestyles of believers should be dramatically unconventional and set apart in contrast to the direction and ‘course’ of this world. [Ephesians 2:3] That by my life’s demonstration of priorities and service to others, that I too may be recognized as ‘one under authority’ (Matthew 8:9), and what Scripture declares I ‘do’ I do, where it instructs to ‘go’, I will go, and what it instructs to abhor and avoid, I will obey.

Which isn’t entirely difficult given that the overwhelming societal superciliousness is hardly to be ‘set apart’, but rather to be the same chameleon-minded troglodyte as everyone else, marching like fettered ants in a row at the mall, hoping to purchase an identity.

What can we possibly provide to get their attention off of the newest iPhone app long enough to hear the Gospel?

Because without fail, we all have friends who are essentially ‘Einstein Christians’. No, I don’t mean they are too scholarly for congregational fellowship, but rather, employing Alfred’s theory of relativity [E = mc2 ] as an acronym, these ‘Christians’ are only found at church on Easter, Mother’s Day, and Christmas…those of course, being the only days that God takes attendance. Outside of those three visits, sadly, these very same ‘Einstein’ peeps will not step foot in church at gunpoint.

And…we all have interactions with individuals who have a full-fledged Linda Blair head-spinning, pea-soup- projectile-vomiting reenactment at simply seeing a manger in public.

How in the world do you ‘reach’ someone who doesn’t want to be ‘reached’?

I’d suggest art; specifically, in this context, music.

more tomorrow…

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