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Beyond the Song – Part 2

How in the world do you ‘reach’ someone who doesn’t want to be ‘reached’?

I’d suggest art; specifically, in this context, music.

Because as the source of our creative and artistic stewardships, God by the eternal Logos made all things; God is the first or fundamental principle. He is the origin of all that exists; he therefore is the Principium Essendi – the essential first principle. He is the one upon whom all else depends; therefore it is not being or logic in the abstract that are the final courts of appeal, but the divine Trinity. Hence, theology turns against itself right at the outset if it attempts to ground its methodology upon any first principle but God. Scripture teaches us that the Lord is ‘before all things and all things cohere in or by him’ (Colossians 1:17). God does not hold together the fabric of the universe absentmindedly, He knowingly holds it together, in fact it holds together through the agency of Christ. Therefore everything ultimately finds its significance, not within the created universe, but outside of it in the mind of God.

And if I were to simply read that latter paragraph to most of your friends, once the snoring or gagging sounds subsided, they‘d feign sickness and leave or glance at their watch and remember they had to pick up their grandmother from the Lady Gaga concert.

But, if I sang it…they’d sit and listen.

Especially now where the ultimate goal is wasting endless energy, time, and income in pursuit of self-exaltation, whereby the only question eve asked is solely,” What’s in this for me?” For most, the truly trivial nature of such obstreperous desires is only ever swallowed after witnessing someone willing to risk everything for the sake of others; for the sake of strangers.

A formerly-bald Irish activist did exactly that…

by Ezra Boggs

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