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Biblical Counseling at The Paradox is the practice of applying wisdom in love in regards to sin, suffering, and relationships. We believe that discipleship through the church is God’s primary context for change–the community God uses to transform his people. In this community God calls every member to “one–another” (help, serve, encourage one another, etc). We labor with our entire lives to help those in our church family to grow in maturity in Christ (cf. Colossians 1:28-29) by applying the gospel. And we labor to help those outside the church family to see their need for Jesus.

This means that City Groups and Redemption Groups, are the primary places that we work out care and counseling. When special circumstances require help beyond these places then we connect people with one of our trained volunteer gospel counselors or staff members who will meet in a one-on-one relationship along with an advocate.

An advocate is someone who stands in the gap for a friend or loved one in his or her time of need. They pray, provide helpful information, insights and questions, take good notes, and care for and walk with their friend or loved one after formal counseling ends. For more info on the role of an advocate please read this.

We also partner with licensed professional counselors in our area if deemed necessary or desired.


1. If you would like to get connected to one of our volunteer gospel counselors or staff members please fill out this request.

2. We encourage everyone in one-on-one counseling to get connected with a City Group. Click here to find a group near you while you are being matched with a counselor.


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