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Jesus-Only Prayers

As we get ready for our gatherings, may we pray Jesus-Only prayers—prayers that can be attributed, not to our good work or preparation, but only to Jesus flexing his glory. Will you join us in praying these prayers?     • That our church family would worship mightily and joyfully this weekend • That the […]

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Kaynenn to East Fort Worth

By Kaynenn Parker At the end of 2015 the Lord began to ruffle the feathers of my heart. A feeling I’d had several years earlier, but not one that was normative for me. I didn’t immediately know what it was, but I knew it was big. I was a little nervous, so I called my […]

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TCU: My Story of How God Saved Me in College

by Austin Boyles, partner at The Paradox Church My story isn’t exactly simple. It doesn’t involve youth groups or church camp. I wasn’t saved when I was a kid. Don’t get me wrong, there is absolutely nothing wrong with those stories, and it is nothing short of miraculous for the God of the universe to […]

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5 Reasons I Use PRDX365 Every Day

from Paul Drake, a partner at The Paradox Church Daily Scripture reading will look different for each of us, there’s not a one-schedule-fits-all approach. Though faithful and regular consumption is non-negotiable, finding a way to keep consistent is what helps us transform. As a believer, I’ve experimented with numerous times and situations, often struggling to […]

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Keep Yourself in the Love of God

“I believe; help my unbelief!” — Mark 9:24 My junior year of college I decided to take a semester off and spend six months serving an unreached people group in West Africa. I had spent months praying, seeking godly counsel, and fundraising—all confirming this was His desire for me. And then I stepped on the […]

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Parenting: Creating a Safe Space, part 1

On January 13, The Paradox Church kicked off an eight-week series called, “Who Needs God?” We are digging deep into the scriptures to find “the truth about doubt” and Prdx Kids is coming alongside parents in a unique way over the next several weeks. Through a parenting podcast and blog series, we are going to […]

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Strategies for Daily Bible Reading

Reading your bible is one of the best things you can do as a believer. The Creator of the universe has given us a book with pages upon pages of his thoughts, words, and heart — the bible. And yet, reading your bible can be one of the hardest Spiritual Practices we do. That’s why […]

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Help Us Tell Stories

  A church is to make disciples. Disciples follow Jesus, love Jesus, enjoy Jesus, obey Jesus—they are becoming like Jesus. And everything we do as a church has the end goal of making disciples. We are inviting people in, equipping them, and calling them to take part in the multiplying of the Kingdom of God […]

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The Road to Pregnancy

Ryan and I struggled with trying to get pregnant for more than year. We prayed without fail every single day and felt extreme disappointment every month when we realized we weren’t pregnant. Our CG shared in our heartbreak and prayed with us and for us. But it was a challenging journey nonetheless. I recall the […]

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Jesus Wants Me Still

I grew up in a Christian household here in FW. My parents brought us up at McKinney Memorial and were volunteers in the middle school ministry until I entered high school. My parents were both believers, but raised us with the mentality that your personal relationship with God was just that, personal. It was not […]

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