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A Wild Heart – Part 4

Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here.

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A Wild Heart – Part 3

Read Part 1 here. Read Part 2 here. Read Part 4 here.

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A Wild Heart – Part 2

The other refrain in the Song (besides, “do not stir up or awaken love until it pleases”) addresses biblical marriage using covenant language: “My beloved is mine and I am his.” This chorus echoes the biblical refrain of God’s covenant with us where He is our God, and we are His people. The marriage metaphor […]

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A Wild Heart – Part 1

Read Part 2 here. Read Part 3 here. Read Part 4 here.

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  Our 31 Days Together (#PRDX31) back in August was such a beautiful time, and we want to pursue that again together. One of our prayers for 2018 is that we would have more intimacy with the Father through the Word and Spirit. If we desire to see the Spirit move in power in our […]

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Church Planting At The Paradox (2017)

As we consider our year-end giving, let’s take the time to connect what God has done through our service, our presence, our faithfulness, and our money. Jesus has been faithful to save new Christians, send them to Grace, train them through classes and groups, and stir us to worship on Sundays, and our financial giving […]

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Serve Like Jesus

Why do we serve? Why do 80+ men and women show up hours before services, whether it’s raining or dry, hot or cold to unload a trailer, set up kids space, set up projectors and speakers? The simple answer: Jesus. Jesus has served us. Jesus has changed us. In John 13, Jesus begins doing something […]

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PRDX Top 5: “Saints and Sorrows” Edition

With a title like "Saints and Sorrows" it was only natural to walk into this sermon series with a hesitant and heavy heart, but the good news in Paul's letter to the Philippians led us to rejoice all the more in God's faithfulness. He showed us how God uses our suffering as a beautiful and [...] Continue Reading

Let’s Do This Together – 31 Days in the Bible

Something had been on my heart lately and in a time of praying for The Paradox Church this was my plea to our Father: “I want our people to know you, God—your bigness and love; your glory and your grace. I want their hearts dripping, saturated with the glory and grace of Jesus that it […]

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Get Trained For a Life of Mission: Porterbrook

  By Ryan Keeney Apply for the 2017-2018 year of Porterbrook today. I have a certificate of completion for the two year program of Porterbrook mounted in my office. What does it mean? Nothing in regards to a masters degree. Nothing to those that come into my office for counseling. Nothing for my resume. Everything […]

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