The Paradox Church


Prayer Together

Join us Wednesday (4/04/2018) for our next Discipleship Class. Josh Morgan and Kaynenn Parker will teach us about the role of evangelism and mission in the life of the disciple. There is no need to register unless you need childcare. Register for child care here.     Have you ever experienced a moving, encouraging, time [...] Continue Reading

Prayer in Our Weakness

The older I get and the more I pray, the more I long for Jesus to make all things new, the more I stand with my arms to the heavens and ask for his kingdom to come and for his will to be done, the more I ask for specific petitions and requests, and the [...] Continue Reading

Genuine Conversations

Next PRDX Discipleship Class: March 7th We were excited about the great turn out and have planned to create more space to accommodate everyone that wants to be there on March 7. We will talk about the role prayer has in Discipleship. The only registration that is needed is for childcare. Please register your children […]

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Gospel & Marriage

There is a reason fairy tales don’t show the couple after they ride off into the sunset. It’s because the truth is, happily-ever-after is a grind if it happens at all. Depressing? Let me bring you into my backstory. I came from a broken home, divorced family, I’m sure you know that old song and [...] Continue Reading

Discipleship Class Recap: Feb 7th

A couple of weeks ago about 300 of us gathered for our first PRDX Discipleship Class. I was encouraged to hear about the helpful conversations that took place and I am excited about the coming classes on March 7, April 4, and May 2. If you missed it we talked about 3 main ideas. The […]

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The Beauty of Being an Advocate

The amazing thing about the women in the Purchased program is how strong they are. The things they’ve experienced, the trials they’ve gone through, and yes, the things they’ve done, make for a life I can only imagine. I knew that going into my first Purchased training with The Net. I knew that I had […]

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A Wild Heart: Family Resources

Dear Mom and Dad, Like we promised, here are the resources we’re recommending during this series. Included are resources for addressing the basics of human anatomy, “the talk,” sexual abuse awareness, and guides for a variety of ages into the teen years. We’ll have copies of some of these at the check-in desk when you [...] Continue Reading

PRDX Discipleship Class

What is the purpose of the City Group gathering? How do we talk about real life and how the gospel applies? What does evangelism look like in community? How do we grow in God’s word together? Answering these questions helps us begin to understand the practical implications of Jesus’ words in Matthew 28: All authority [...] Continue Reading

A Wild Heart and Our Families

Dear Mom & Dad, We are currently in a sermon series, “A Wild Heart,” that kicked off on January 21st! We will be diving into the Song of Songs with topics on “Sex, Singleness, and Marriage.” It’s a beautiful Song and we are excited to step into the conversation and encourage our singles and marrieds [...] Continue Reading

Welcome to Paradox

Are you new to Paradox? Join us for a monthly dinner to get to know us and learn next steps in connecting! Launching in February, we will host a Discover PRDX for anyone who is new to The Paradox Church and wanting to get involved in the life of our church. Over a simple meal, [...] Continue Reading