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Desperate for Someone to Set Them Free

There is an excellent blog post at the Gospel Coalition blog on the band Radiohead.  It is a great example on how Christians should view culture from a Gospel worldview. Here is an excerpt: As Christians and especially as church leaders, we would be wise to notice this cultural numbness, and the rage that hides […]

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The Paradox is The Paradox

Over the past couple years there have been a multitude of events that impulsed the innate desire to ask: “Why did that happen like that?” Examples: “Why didn’t I ever attend DBU, as I had planned multiple times?” “Why did I live in San Antonio for a year longer than I had initially planned?” “Why […]

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My Place In This World

One of my biggest personal issues that I struggle with is this constant feeling that I just don’t belong. I’ve always thought I didn’t quite fit in with whatever group I was associated with…never “enough” of whatever I’m supposed to be to really be a part of the “in” crowd. This has created some major […]

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We Are His Poetry

He speaks and galaxies stand forth By the word of His power He upholds the universe By His very command the winds and waves obey Him As they recognize the very voice that created them

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Tara's Story

In The Prodigal God, Timothy Keller claims there are two basic ways in which people try to find happiness, “the way of moral conformity and the way of self-discovery” (p.29). Both of these ways are modeled in the parable of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32), with the younger son following a path of self-discovery and […]

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City Groups are the primary way for connecting at The Paradox…. City Groups have regular gatherings in homes to eat, learn, pray and be together on mission, living out the Gospel in real and tangible expressions. A City Group is not merely a bible study or weekly meeting; a City Group is a smaller group […]

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The Paradox of Christmas

Often we are asked why we named the church The Paradox.  Well we have a page that explains it here.  But recently I came across this post on Justin Taylor’s blog at the Gospel Coalition.

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Beyond the Song – Part 3

Sinead O’Connor, who once upon a time attacked a poster of the pope on SNL, now considers herself an active member of the Body of Christ. Evolving from MTV stardom by way of ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ to currently writing and performing liturgical hymns, one of her greatest artistic concerns was that of being juxtaposed […]

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Beyond the Song – Part 2

How in the world do you ‘reach’ someone who doesn’t want to be ‘reached’? I’d suggest art; specifically, in this context, music. Because as the source of our creative and artistic stewardships, God by the eternal Logos made all things; God is the first or fundamental principle. He is the origin of all that exists; […]

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Beyond the Song – Part 1

Beyond the Song: A Common Discussion of the Uncommon Access Music Provides or Beyond the Song: Imagine Balaam’s Donkey in a Rock Band by Ezra Boggs Long before our age of entertainment-induced apathy, Abraham Kuyper said, “All areas of human thought and life must bow before the word of God… Every human thought must be […]

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