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Fort Worth Music & The Paradox

A bunch of us from The Paradox Church are going to the last First Friday on the Green tonight.  The local music in Fort Worth is greatly underrated and I thought I would take some time to introduce you to a few of the bands.

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Coffee & Church Planting

54% of Americans drink coffee every day. 25% of Americans drink coffee occasionally. Now, there’s a fantastic organization that allows you to buy coffee, and to send 100% of the net proceeds directly to the church planting efforts of our Acts 29 Network! More personally, The Paradox Church has been chosen as one of 10 […]

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Omega Males & Trained Men

One of our most controversial DNA traits is “Trained Men”.  Why, along side such “spiritual” things like deep community and worship, do we talk about being a church that “confronts, challenges, and trains men in the Gospel”?

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Heather has a new post up at her blog Little Heather.  It’s on women and fear.  Here is an excerpt. this morning i was compelled to confess instead of attending my water aerobics class. over the last couple of weeks i’ve been dealing with fear, insecurity, and worry.  just in the last two days it’s […]

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Knowing Fort Worth

Acts 17 says that God has determined the times and places that we live in.  You are not in the neighborhood you are in, in the office you work in, around the people you are around by accident.  God has intentionally put you there on mission to find Him and tell others about Him.

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Refugees and the Church in Fort Worth

:: by Matt Lewis Since becoming a part of the beginnings of what will become The Paradox Church the Lord has been beating on my spirit about certain things.  The strongest conviction was my increasing awareness of what many of us our becoming: Monday morning quarterbacks.  We love home groups, we love bible studies and […]

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Passion & Depth – Mumford and Sons

We worship and serve a Creator God who made us in his image to create.  So I love when people image their Creator with depth, meaning, and passion in their creativity.  I love music; especially music that has lyrics of depth to them.  So I like Eminem – there is angst in his music (and […]

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What is Acts 29?

by Pastor Jim We are partnered with the Acts 29 Network. Here is a little bit about why. ACTS 29 NETWORK The Acts 29 church planting network was founded by Mark Driscoll in 1998. As of 2015 the network includes over 500 churches on six continents with Matt Chandler of The Village Church as it’s […]

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Wanting More?

by heather essian do  i want to know HIM more? i find myself pausing at this question in my life.  i tend to default to the thought that if i want something really bad then that probably means God will seize the opportunity to teach me patience :).  i know that i choose to […]

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Not Me [Sin]

by heather essian to say that God is convicting me of my sin lately is an understatement. [SIN] in my terms: lacks *complete* humility is human nature separates me from God’s peace hurts those around me opens a breeding ground for satan’s lies etc… why did i feel the need to put [SIN] in […]

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