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What is Acts 29?

by Pastor Jim We are partnered with the Acts 29 Network. Here is a little bit about why. ACTS 29 NETWORK The Acts 29 church planting network was founded by Mark Driscoll in 1998. As of 2015 the network includes over 500 churches on six continents with Matt Chandler of The Village Church as it’s […]

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Wanting More?

by heather essian do  i want to know HIM more? i find myself pausing at this question in my life.  i tend to default to the thought that if i want something really bad then that probably means God will seize the opportunity to teach me patience :).  i know that i choose to […]

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Not Me [Sin]

by heather essian to say that God is convicting me of my sin lately is an understatement. [SIN] in my terms: lacks *complete* humility is human nature separates me from God’s peace hurts those around me opens a breeding ground for satan’s lies etc… why did i feel the need to put [SIN] in […]

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How We Reflect God When We Create

(by Ezra Boggs) Many years ago, one of our family’s favorite focal points was television; specifically, a show called ‘Real People’. It came on in the evening, and while we enjoyed our 4 to 5 square edible elements in all their aluminum-framed glory, complete strangers would display their mindless tripe. Imagine a neutered version of […]

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How DFW got the Buckle on the Bible Belt

Check out this post from Bob Roberts Jr. People sometimes make fun of Dallas-Fort Worth being the buckle on the Bible belt. It isn’t anymore. It’s unbuckled. The stats are in and church attendance is around the 17% mark – in northeast Tarrant county where I live it’s probably more like 9%. We think because […]

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