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TCU: How Should We Engage the “Change My Mind” Debate?

Recently we saw students outraged, crowds of people arguing and yelling, and behavior, that at the least, was out of the ordinary from what we’ve come to expect on the campus of TCU. All of this occurred because Steven Crowder set up a table to discuss whether or not” Rape Culture” is a myth. What […]

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You are more broken than you know. You’ve been in a war, on the battlefield for your heart, and you may not know it yet. Torn limbs and broken hearts and crushed spirits as the world and your sin and your enemy all vie for your allegiance. You’re the first-round draft pick, the frontlines, our […]

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Advent Is For Anticipation

Longing. Waiting. Yearning. One of the deepest desires of the human heart is the anticipation of deliverance. This desire affects how we worship, how we love, and how we wait. What – or who – we’re waiting for determines how we live and reaches into all areas of life. The Christmas season shouts to distract […]

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Letter To Our College Student’s Parents

Dear Parents, As a church we have been blessed with many college students, including your son or daughter. We wanted to write you a letter to let you know how much we enjoy having your student as a part of our church and how we seek to serve and care for them, what happened this […]

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