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The End of Genesis

by Pastor Jim Essian We started the book of Genesis on January 18th of last year and we will finish it this Sunday. It’s been a good, long, rich time for our church family—505 days to be exact. When we started our series in Genesis there were seventeen Republican candidates and now there is one; […]

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Genesis: The Design in the Design

By Deacon Matt Shelton | Worship and Arts “These cultural cues shape our imagination for how we read and see God’s Word.” “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” – Genesis 1:1 When you hear “Genesis” what do you see? Do you see a garden with Adam and Eve in leaf briefs, […]

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How Do We Endure Suffering?

Because of sin, suffering is inevitable. No one is exempt. But suffering is not meaningless. God, in his grace, often speaks loudest to us during our suffering. He uses it to make us more like him. He uses it to bring us to greater joy and greater hope. He uses suffering to remind us that […]

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Resources On Marriage

What is marriage for? It is a way for us to make the glory of God known. Marriage is a means of revealing the glory and grace of God. Thus, the mission of a marriage is to proclaim and display God’s glory. It is in marriage that we can point to the divine love of […]

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Resources on Singleness

Being single can be difficult. Pressure to be in a relationship can come from friends, family and even social media. A news feed full of people getting married and having children can make you feel like you’re missing out or that your life is incomplete or somehow lesser than others. Even Christian dating books instruct […]

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Resources On Creation

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. “ Genesis 1:1 There are few phrases more widely identified with, and yet ignored within, the Christian worldview. Take a moment to pierce through the familiarity and ponder what is being described here: a perfect Being, already completely fulfilled within Trinitarian community, expressing his love […]

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Resources on Abortion

We have been created in God’s image to display His glory, but sin fractures and distorts this created purpose. Because of sin our focus has turned inward so we are selfish and prideful. The reality of abortion is that it is ugly, sinful, and grieves the heart of God. However, there is hope for those […]

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Resources on the Trinity

What is the Trinity? Why study it? Does it actually matter? Does it have any importance for me today? These are many questions that run through people’s head when they hear the Trinity come up. Pastor Jim answered these questions and more this past Sunday as he preached on the Trinity and taught about our […]

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