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Who Are You?

Who are you? Maybe when you hear that question you might think I’m asking “what is your name?” or “where do you come from?” That’s not what I’m asking. Think more along the lines of  when Derek Zoolander, in a state of distress, wondered aloud to his reflection in a puddle, “Who am I?” What […]

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Jesus Saves, We Tell

  After his death and resurrection, Jesus final marching orders to the disciples was to go and make disciples (Matt 28:19). Go and tell the world about who I am and what I’ve done. Go and evangelize. This is God’s mission and our purpose, yet so many of us don’t participate, or dare I say, […]

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Gazing on His Beauty

  Last Sunday Pastor Jim preached through Colossians 1:15-20. He drew our attention to the glory of Jesus. To carry that theme into your week, take a moment before the day’s up and read this compelling, short article. In it, Jared Wilson helps us to gaze upon Christ. Then meditate on Psalm 27 or Psalm […]

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