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Parenting: Creating a Safe Space, part 1

On January 13, The Paradox Church kicked off an eight-week series called, “Who Needs God?” We are digging deep into the scriptures to find “the truth about doubt” and Prdx Kids is coming alongside parents in a unique way over the next several weeks. Through a parenting podcast and blog series, we are going to […]

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Ministry Safe

Since I became involved with PRDX Kids in 2013, one of the most consistent values I have seen is how we take responsibility for the role we play in protecting children from sexual abuse within the church. While many churches do no screening of any kind, The Paradox Church has every team member who serves [...] Continue Reading

A Wild Heart: Family Resources

Dear Mom and Dad, Like we promised, here are the resources we’re recommending during this series. Included are resources for addressing the basics of human anatomy, “the talk,” sexual abuse awareness, and guides for a variety of ages into the teen years. We’ll have copies of some of these at the check-in desk when you [...] Continue Reading

A Wild Heart and Our Families

Dear Mom & Dad, We are currently in a sermon series, “A Wild Heart,” that kicked off on January 21st! We will be diving into the Song of Songs with topics on “Sex, Singleness, and Marriage.” It’s a beautiful Song and we are excited to step into the conversation and encourage our singles and marrieds [...] Continue Reading

PRDX Kids 10 Years From Now…

By Deacon Heather Thompson | PRDX Kids At our PRDX Kids training, I asked the team members to imagine all of the kids we serve ten years from now. Just one decade. I know for many of us, this seems a lifetime away and for others, we know it will happen in the blink of […]

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Family Worship

by Heather Thompson Hi Moms & Dads, and welcome to our first post of 2016. I wanted to start our year by giving you a handful of practical tools for at-home discipleship and encouragement. Family Worship 101 Donald S. Whitney has put together a five-day, free email course that will help coach you (both dad […]

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Advent Is For Anticipation

Longing. Waiting. Yearning. One of the deepest desires of the human heart is the anticipation of deliverance. This desire affects how we worship, how we love, and how we wait. What – or who – we’re waiting for determines how we live and reaches into all areas of life. The Christmas season shouts to distract […]

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Moments in Motherhood: Back to School

As I scroll through my feed, I see another sweet babe dressed in their new outfit ready for their first day at school, mother’s day out, and day care. Before I know it, that all too familiar feeling of insecurity begins to swell up inside of me. When we made the decision for me to […]

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How to Talk to Your Child about Baptism

On Sunday, October 4th, twenty six babies were dedicated and 14 of our brothers and sisters were baptized. It is both humbling and encouraging to see God at work in the lives of His people. At times like this, we have an opportunity to talk about baptism with our children. Below, you will find a […]

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To The Moms And Dads

To the moms and dads at The Paradox, I think I really saw you for the first time today. I saw beyond your Sunday best, the recently washed SUVs, and the concealer that hides the newborn lack of sleep. Your Instagram post couldn’t hide it this week and your bank account doesn’t contain enough money […]

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