The Paradox Church

PRDX Stories

The Road to Pregnancy

Ryan and I struggled with trying to get pregnant for more than year. We prayed without fail every single day and felt extreme disappointment every month when we realized we weren’t pregnant. Our CG shared in our heartbreak and prayed with us and for us. But it was a challenging journey nonetheless. I recall the […]

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Jesus Wants Me Still

I grew up in a Christian household here in FW. My parents brought us up at McKinney Memorial and were volunteers in the middle school ministry until I entered high school. My parents were both believers, but raised us with the mentality that your personal relationship with God was just that, personal. It was not […]

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From Serving Self to Serving Others

This is part of the ongoing series called PRDX Stories, sharing how God is moving in the life of The Paradox Church. Today Adrienne Bloomer shares how God has transformed her story from serving self to serving others.     My parents called me Eeyore growing up. As the nickname suggests, I was a moody [...] Continue Reading