The Paradox Church


The Art and The Audience

The arts play a significant role in reflecting and directing our worship. And whether we know it or not we all participate. Our brother Paul shows us this in Romans 1 when he says that God’s divine nature and eternal power are displayed in the things that are made. How many times have we experienced […]

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Genesis: The Design in the Design

By Deacon Matt Shelton | Worship and Arts “These cultural cues shape our imagination for how we read and see God’s Word.” “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” – Genesis 1:1 When you hear “Genesis” what do you see? Do you see a garden with Adam and Eve in leaf briefs, […]

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“Sex As Worship” Portrait

A portrait shows what something looks like. This is an attempt to display sex as worship by our friends at the Association of Biblical Counselors. Sex is an act created by God, and is a holy union reserved exclusively for a husband and a wife. As a creation of God, the sexual encounter reveals the […]

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Portrait Of Biblical Repentance

Here is a portrait of biblical repentance seen through six stages to equip you to live a life marked by repentance and belief–turning to and worshipping Jesus. It is taken from Mike Wilkerson’s book Redemption. Conviction You have to be convinced by the Holy Spirit working through God’s Word that you are guilty of sin. […]

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My Conversion Into A Singing Man

Written by Matt Shelton | Deacon of Worship & Arts For most of my life I have had a hard time singing in church. And not just in church, but all group settings like caroling, choirs, or the national anthem (except baseball games… I get super pumped). If I did sing, it was quietly and […]

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