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City Groups :: An Introduction (Part 1)

Over the next seven weeks we’ll examine City Groups at The Paradox: their vision, their identities, who they are and how they live. This first post will serve as an introduction to what our City Groups are.

From the beginning, God has called to Himself a people – a church – to carry out His mission to exalt His name among all peoples, in all places, for all time (Genesis 12:1-3). The church is God’s chosen people, called to live Spirit-led lives.

A City Group is an expression of The Paradox Church in a particular neighborhood of Fort Worth called to live out God’s mission in our city. To understand and see practically how this looks it helps to see the contrast of what a church, is called to be and, thus called to do – juxtaposed with what Christian community sometimes looks like in the American church.

City Groups                                                       Traditional Small Group
Missional                                                                                 Holy Huddle
Gospel Conversations                                                        Bible Study
Lifestyle                                                                                   Event
Family                                                                                       Affinity Based “Church Friends”
Gospel Rhythms                                                                   Compartmentalized Faith
Deep, Real, Raw                                                                   Surface-Level
Community Discipleship                                                   Transferring of Information
Celebration/Partying                                                         Fellowship Hall

To summarize, the Christian life is lived in community (as family), on mission (as missionaries) as followers of Jesus (as disciples). Thus, City Groups must not be an inward, event-driven church function, but a way of life, a paradox, counter-culture, lived out in the neighborhood/city we have been sent to.

Find a City Group near you here.

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