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Why Should I Join A Group?

God calls us to be a part of Jesus-centered community, specifically in the local church. City Groups are the highway of discipleship and community that we want everybody to be on. They are the best way to truly be a part of The Paradox Church. As a family they learn how to love God, love one another, and see people meet Jesus. It is in a City Group that you will get to know the church on a more personal level and grow in your love for Jesus.


How Do I Join A Group?

Please fill out the form at the bottom of the page and our Deacon of City Groups will help you get connected to a group. The map above will help you see which City Groups meet in your area.


What Should I Expect?

Most of our City Groups are between 8–15 people who meet in a home once week for about 2 hours. Our groups are multi-generational and geographically based. We encourage all parents to bring their children, as they are absolutely welcome and invited into the City Group. At the gathering you will usually spend those 2 hours eating with one another (not all City Groups have a meal every week), encouraging one another, and discussing the sermon.

As a whole, our City Groups are more than just a weekly gathering. A City Group is a family that seeks to live life together.


If you are interested in leading a City Group please fill out an application.


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