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Porterbrook begins on August 19th, 2017.


At it’s core, the Porterbrook program is two years of biblical, practical, and affordable theological education with the goal not just of growing in knowledge, but in character and mission in day-to-day life. Each year consists of 12 courses completed over 3 semesters (also called “trimesters”) Trimesters open and close with a Saturday seminar and include self-study shared in a cohort (or community) environment so you don’t have to learn alone. All this for about the cost of one hour of seminary credit. The program is flexible and has been designed to be integrated with all of life in whatever context you’re living and serving. See the course schedule.

Porterbrook Fort Worth differs from traditional theological education in the following ways:

• Accessible – Designed for ordinary people, not academics

• Practical  – Concrete applications and examples for everyday life

• Relational – Study and interactive discussions in community

• Contextual – Train ‘on the job’ of ordinary life in local community

• Flexible – Study at your own pace

• Affordable – Quality training at an affordable price



Although Porterbrook differs from traditional training it is rigorous. Please do not view it as a Bible study or a side project. The process requires 25-30 pages of reading each, 4-6 hours of study each week, meeting with your cohort almost every week, and attending all four Saturday seminars.



On one level, Porterbrook Fort Worth is great training for missionaries, church-planters, pastors, deacons, church leaders, and really, for every follower of Jesus in Fort Worth and the DFW area. On another level, if you’re not a follower of Jesus, Porterbrook is a great way to explore the depths of the Christian faith with others who will learn with you and from you. In other words, Porterbrook Fort Worth really does aim to be “theology for everyone!”

For us Porterbrook is a large component in carrying out of our vision of being a church of multiplication. We want to make disciples and plant churches. Porterbrook serves as a way to equip men and women to better understand, enjoy, and serve Jesus and our people. If you are leading or desire to lead in any capacity at The Paradox we strongly encourage you to consider Porterbrook.



We want this learning process to be affordable for everyone, so each full year (all 12 courses) costs about the same as one credit hour at seminary or Bible college. At $50/course, the entire year costs approximately $400. This includes all curriculum workbooks, online community and administrative support throughout the year, drinks, and snacks during weekend seminars. This is not an upfront cost, but to be paid out over the course of the year. There are occasionally partial scholarships available. If you need assistance, please email Daniel and explain the need.



Attendance is required at four Saturday seminars during the year, which are held at The Paradox Church offices in downtown Fort Worth. There is no additional “class time.” Beyond that, your cohort can decide together where to meet to discuss what you are learning. This is a great benefit of the program, as it is flexible to your schedule and location.

Visit porterbrookfw.com for more info and to apply. If you have any questions email porterbrook@theparadoxchurch.com.

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