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Redemption Groups

Our next Redemption Group cycle will begin on September 20th, 2019, If you are interested in participating, let us know!

What Is A Redemption Group?

At The Paradox our City Groups are the highway for the mission of God we have been invited on; Redemption Groups are the rest stop. Redemption Groups are about connecting our everyday life and our past to Jesus, our Redeemer, because he changes everything. These groups are short-term, focused discipleship groups and they are for everyone. Whether you want to grow in your relationship with God or you are experience suffering or struggling with specific sin, Redemption Groups provides a group oriented approach towards applying the love and mercy of God to your daily life.


What A Redemption Group Is Not

Redemption Groups are not an on-going support or discipleship group because they meet for only ten weeks. Redemption Groups are not only for the traumatized or suffering, but for everyone to know and see the love of the Redeemer applied and experienced in their life.


What Is The Format And End Goal For Redemption Group?

The Redemption Group evenings start with a gathered time of worship and hearing God’s story from Exodus, where the Israelites journey through the wilderness from slavery to freedom. Afterward, you will gather with your small group to journey together through life issues that you’re dealing with.  Redemption Groups are far beyond a Bible study; this is about life study—coming face to face with Jesus our Redeemer, who delivers us from our suffering, pain and misery. Each participant leaves Redemption Groups with a new way of seeing God and themselves, along with being equipped to continually work out redemption in their own lives in gospel community.


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Read some excerpts from a participant who blogged about their experience in a recent Redemption Group session.

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