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From Serving Self to Serving Others

This is part of the ongoing series called PRDX Stories, sharing how God is moving in the life of The Paradox Church. Today Adrienne Bloomer shares how God has transformed her story from serving self to serving others.



My parents called me Eeyore growing up. As the nickname suggests, I was a moody and pessimistic teen. The teenage angst was real. I only cared about myself, and my friends, and had little interest in the concerns of others. In regards to spiritual matters, it definitely wasn’t a priority and my family didn’t go to church on Sundays. I had gone a few times with friends to church youth events (honestly for the social scene), but I didn’t care to invest in a relationship with God. I thought my life was just fine without it!

After graduating from my position as a moody high schooler, I entered into college eager for this next, freeing phase in life. I joined a sorority and made it my mission to get as involved as possible.

So when a sophomore in the sorority invited me to a Bible study, I said why not! After attending the study a few times, one of the leaders invited me out to lunch. It was then that she challenged me with a question no one else had ever asked me before. She asked if I wanted to make a decision to trust Christ.

I was surprised and certainly wasn’t ready in that moment to trust in Jesus. But throughout that semester, I started learning more and more about God’s purpose for my life and what it meant to follow Him.

And then suddenly, through the work of His Spirit, it all clicked. God opened my eyes and heart to the Gospel and my life was changed forever. He made me a new creation. The old Adrienne was gone, the new had come. Like a new set of clothes, I willfully took off my old self and adorned my new self clothed in the likeness of God.

The more I learned about how Jesus came down not to be served, but to serve us, and how the He gave up His divine privileges and humbly modeled the nature of a servant, the more I started evaluating how I viewed my own life. If Jesus—the Son of God Himself— took this posture, then how much more should I  —at best, a sinner— humble myself? Jesus didn’t place Himself above others. Instead He led and loved by serving. Jesus lived to serve, and died to self. Following in His example is now my anthem, my purpose.

The joy I now find in serving others is indescribable. I look back at my years before Christ and don’t recognize myself. That selfish, sullen girl is long gone and all but forgotten. I don’t think I could find one friend that would call me Eeyore today! I’m actually quite the opposite of pessimistic. I’m hopeful, optimistic, and filled with joy and purpose. That’s God’s grace!

Adrienne Bloomer
Paradox Partner & Story Team Member



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