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Gospel Convos – Acts 11:1-18 – Spirit-Empowered Reconciliation

Here is this week’s Gospel Convos. Utilize this resource as a refresher on the sermon and as a primer to engage your City Group in deep, meaningful, gospel-centered conversations.

My hope is this weekly resource will help you reflect on Scripture throughout the week as well as equip and encourage you to help one another grow in your relationship with Jesus and invite others to know him too.

– Jake

Gospel Convos
Read the text  – Acts 11:5-19

Be prayerful and thoughtful as you engage with your City Group in these conversations. Don’t rush to answer with the “right” answer, but instead engage honestly and authentically, showing and receiving grace in your City Group.


• Can you relate to Nathanael’s experience? Have you had ideas about a particular community and those perceptions changing as you get to know them?

• What are some of the natural barriers between you and other cultures/ethnicities that you live close to?

• Why would we want to overcome those barriers? How might God want to grow us from getting to know people that aren’t like us?

• Are there common characteristics to the kinds of people you wrongly elevate? Likewise are their traits, characteristics or ethnicities that you might be prone to look down upon?

Close be reading the text again Acts 11:5-19

Additional Resources

• Read the book of Acts

• Incredible book about the gospel informing our hospitality

Here is a good commentary on the book of Acts

• Here is an online Bible Study resource by The Gospel Coalition

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