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The Paradox Church

Jesus-Only Prayers

As we get ready for our gatherings, may we pray Jesus-Only prayers—prayers that can be attributed, not to our good work or preparation, but only to Jesus flexing his glory. Will you join us in praying these prayers?



• That our church family would worship mightily and joyfully this weekend

• That the people we invite would come

• Overwhelm us with baptisms coming from this weekend

• May there be a palpable, tangible presence of your Spirit

• Do mighty things in the churches around us — may Fort Worth make much of Jesus this weekend

• Refine us, and the churches in Fort Worth

• Make us overwhelmed by salvations — save someone in every row!

• Ignite a fire in our team members — make them ready, discerning, and willing. Revive their hearts

• Create a stirring, even now in our hearts, a rumbling, to expect you to move this weekend in a mighty way. Stop us often to pray, hope, and expect throughout the week

• Protect us from spiritual warfare

• Give us visions and dreams

• Save children this weekend, open their hearts

• Awaken the hearts of people from their slumber — let them see you!

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