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Joyful Repentance Resources


During our equipped series we want to provide you with resources to go deeper into these practices and to help you grow in them. Here are some resources on Joyful Repentance:

Joyful Repentance:Turning away from lesser joys (in sin and idolatry) and turning to the Greater Joy (in Christ). True repentance ends in rejoicing.


Counterfeit Gods ­- Tim Keller
Doctrine of Repentance ­- Thomas Watson
What is Repentance? ­- RC Sproul
Redemption (Slavery Chapter) ­- Mike Wilkerson
Recovering Redemption ­- Matt Chandler


Portrait of Biblical Repentance
All of Life Is Repentance
Four Steps Toward Joy in Repentance
Where Hazy Repentance Goes to Die
Idols of the Heart
4 Anchors of Repentance
Worthy Repentance
Repentance as a Lifestyle
5 Steps of Repentance


Refreshed in Repentance (11:13)
Will God Forgive Me of Repetitive Sin? (3:20)
Equipped to Confess and Repent (52:27)
Equipped to Relate to God Through Repentance (39:58)
Repentance and Rejoicing (47:30)

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