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#Metoo, Sexual Abuse and the Gospel

The new hashtag #MeToo has swept through social media over the last week exposing the disheartening pervasiveness of sexual assault. The reality is that this happens far more than many of us realize. As a church, we want to be a place that believes a gospel powerful enough to overcome the darkest of things in this world. We want to help anyone who has been abused or assaulted by pointing them to the God that heals, redeems, and brings hope even in these dark areas of our life.


We pray the below resources will be a help to you as you seek the Lord. In addition to reading helpful books and articles we recommend connecting with others to walk with you in your suffering. Consider reaching out to a church leader, meeting with a biblical counselor, or connecting to a City Group. At The Paradox you will find men and women who desire to listen and care for you. You may also want to register for the next round of Redemption Groups that starts next February.





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