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Since I became involved with PRDX Kids in 2013, one of the most consistent values I have seen is how we take responsibility for the role we play in protecting children from sexual abuse within the church. While many churches do no screening of any kind, The Paradox Church has every team member who serves in the classroom go through a rigorous process of screening and training.


Our Ministry Safe process works as a narrow “gate” to keep predators out of the classroom. Through an application, interview, references, and 90 minutes of videos about sexual abuse awareness, we are thorough in the processes we employ to screen PRDX Kids team members. Background checks alone are simply not enough as it is estimated that only 2% of sexual predators have a record. After all steps are completed by the applicant, a trained screening team reviews all the documents and gives their “approval” or “denial” of every team member.


The screening process also serves to train the PRDX Kids team members in ways to identify sexual predators. They are instructed on identifying the habits, cues, and told of the “red flags” of someone who is grooming a child and/or surrounding adults. We instruct them to come forward to their service team leader, a PRDX Kids team leader, or an elder if there is even a suspicion of abuse of any kind.


Finally, we have very specific policies that must always be followed by our team members. PRDX Kids team members will never be alone with a child. Our classroom is set up in a way that gives visibility to passers-by and increases accountability. Even helping during a potty break is done in view of another team member.

Our Commitment to Parents

If we can’t participate in protecting children from sexual abuse, we’ll never get the joy of sharing the gospel with your kids. We are diligently working to ensure that every single person placed in the classroom on Sundays is someone you can trust. We are willing to spend extra resources and time to give to this process and we are unapologetic about the process. It serves you well because it serves our children well.

If you have questions or concerns or would like to know more about the process, please reach out to me. I’m eager to hear from you.

Heather Thompson
Deacon of Operations

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