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Portrait Of Biblical Love

A portrait shows what something looks like. This is an attempt to display biblical love by our friends at the Association of Biblical Counselors.

Biblical love is best understood in light of Scriptural truth rather than an experienced emotion. It is personified in the character and life of Jesus. Love is patient, kind, and humble. It seeks to exemplify a Christ-like attitude by making self nothing, valuing servant hood over being served, seeking humility, and living obediently to God no matter the cost.

Biblical love is sacrificial. It does not seek its own. It is not based on reciprocity, but rather seeks to love at all times and under all conditions. Couples desiring to build a marriage with Biblical love recognize that love is an outstanding debt that is owed to others, not a “need” to be sought from them.

“Biblical love is personified in the character and life of Jesus.”

Biblical love is not easily angered. Couples seek to live their lives with a constant awareness of God’s unmerited mercy. In so doing, they are empowered by grace to offer themselves a living sacrifice to God. They refuse to think of themselves more highly than they should. They live to honor others over themselves. They resist pride and conceit. They deny taking revenge on others, and seek to overcome evil with good.

Biblical love is built on a healthy trust in God. This is in contrast to loving based on building trust in others. Couples recognize that forming a relationship merely by trusting each other is unwise and insufficient. Couples seeking to love biblically work to operate honestly, but place their faith and trust in God alone.

Biblical love perseveres. It understands a believer’s call to suffer rather than avoid pain and inconvenience at all cost. Couples understand the purposes of suffering, and seek to persevere through such circumstances as opportunities of divine transformation.

Biblical love is passionate, but is not based on the instability of romantic feelings alone.

Check it out in Scripture! 1 Corinthians 13, Philippians 2, Luke 6, 9, Romans 12, 13, Jeremiah 17, James 1, 1 Peter 2, 3, Song of Solomon and others!

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