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Portrait Of Godly Communication

A portrait shows what something looks like. This is an attempt to display godly communication by our friends at the Association of Biblical Counselors.

Godly communication flows from the heart. It is an expression of a God- centered life in which a person is concerned about honoring God. All communication is an overflow of what is in the heart in the first place. What comes out of the mouth simply reveals what is on the inside. Godly communication is not something that is primarily taught (techniques, etc.). Godliness is manifest in our speech as we, through Christ and the power of His Spirit, crucify our flesh and submit our lives to the Spirit.

“We glorify God with our speech when what we say is true and reflects the character of God.”

Scripture says that quarreling and fighting comes as the result of “selfish desires” that war within us. Verbal battles intended to tear down another person while elevating oneself are not pleasing to the Lord. Communication that is prideful, meant to wrongfully destroy, or selfish in some way is not Godly. Godly communication may involve saying difficult or hard things to another person. Scripture says, “The wounds of a friend are better than the kisses of an enemy” (Proverbs 27:6). Communication that prayerfully and gently confronts sin, holds another person biblically accountable, or helps a person address destructive patterns in his/her life, can be godly.

Godly communication has two primary goals: to glorify God and to edify others.
We glorify God with our speech when what we say is true and reflects the character of God. To edify others with our speech is to build them up in the faith as we encourage, teach, and gently rebuke in a manner that points them toward Christ. Godly communication is gentle, not argumentative, yields to the other person, listens before speaking, is truthful, is controlled by the Spirit and not our own flesh, reflects a fear of God and not of man, reveals wisdom, and brings life.

Check it out in Scripture! Ephesians 4, Proverbs 17:27, 18:13, 27:6, 29:20, 2 Timothy 2:23-24, Psalm 19:14, James 3, 4 and others!

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