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Between the weight of our own expectations, past experiences, and the constant influence of the world around us, it can be very easy to fall into the trap of distancing our desires from the Father who created them, both for our pleasure and His glory.

But as we uncovered in ‘A Wild Heart’, our sermon series on the Song of Songs, we long to fill a void only our Heavenly Father can truly satisfy. When we make Him the center of our desires, we see His goodness and grace brought alive in our lives through in the wonder of sex, the gift of singleness, the mercy of marriage, and the power of our biblical community.

In celebration of the way God has and continues to move in our lives, we’ve put together a few of our favorite moments from the series to remind us of the depth of God’s love, desires, and purpose for us.

Featured Sermon: Grace In Conflict

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We need to be reminded everyday that we are worth so much more than the world says, and our value is found in the God who gave His perfect Son for our sake.

He is the answer to the constant longing in our hearts, but the fallen world pushes back and constantly vies for our attention, and it makes sex, singleness, and relationships all the more difficult. Our hearts need Jesus, our relationships needs Jesus, our marriages need Jesus.

As Pastor Jim shared during this sermon from his own marriage with his wife Heather, “she’s seen the ugliness of my soul and she still loves me. That’s a Godly, Gospel-centered, Jesus kind of love.”

The Seven Keys to Reconciliation

  1. Forgiveness  (Matthew 18:21)
  2. Love  (1 Peter 4:8)
  3. Confess  (James 5:16)
  4. Pray  (Matthew 5:44)
  5. Serve  (Romans 12:20)
  6. Pursue  (Matthew 5:23-24)
  7. Confront  (Matthew 18:15)

Featured Song: “How Beautiful”

Singleness isn’t a burden, our relationship status doesn’t define us, and our brokenness doesn’t make us unlovable. But we are needy people. We are desperately seeking fulfillment, satisfaction and restitution found only in Jesus.

Listen to this song and hear the words, the longing for Jesus. He is our redeemer, our healer, a bountiful gift freely given. We couldn’t earn His love, we can’t repay Him, but we need Him all the more every day. As His grace and mercy rushes through us, we see just how beautiful He is.

Featured Podcast: “A Wild Heart” Q & A: Sex Without Shame w/The Honest Hour Blog


There will always be sin and struggle in our intimacy and relationships, but it’s how we handle those moments and act toward those thoughts that matter. In this Q&A podcast, Pastor Jim Essian and Deacon Heather Thompson are joined by Taylor Pendry and Danyelle Snead, who created a blog, The Honest Hour, where they work to normalize conversations about sex, shame, brokenness, and grace.

No sin, no struggle, no shame is too great for our Father, and so we should confess our fights, and seek out our community in humility and honesty, and in turn pour out our love and grace. Encourage one another. Seek one another.  We have to be reminded that we are never alone, that we are desired by a great and loving Father who longs for our hearts.

Sermon Quote

Featured Blog


In this blog post, Ty Bowden encourages us—particularly men—to aspire to a higher view of ourselves and others, and to value and safeguard the vulnerable and broken. After all, when we don’t push back against the darkness in equal terms, we leave the window open for that darkness to re-enter our city, our communities, and our homes.

Encourage others in the same way. Like the breath in your lungs you should breathe in grace, and lay your burdens at the cross He bore for you.

Matt Hulme
Partner at The Paradox Church and Writer for the PRDX Story Team 

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