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Recommended Resources for Who Needs God?

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Christians are haunted by doubt and non-believers are haunted by belief—we’re all haunted.

Who Needs God? – The Truth About Doubt is a sermon series for all of us, but for differing reasons depending on where you are on your spiritual journey. If you’re quite certain of what you believe and steadfast in that belief—whether Christian or atheist or something else—then this will primarily serve you to understand what many of your friends and family and neighbors and co-workers are wrestling with; whether they know it or not.

If you’re not certain, if you’re a Christian and walking through a crisis of faith, or you’re agnostic and walking through a crisis of belief, this will serve you in perhaps a different way. It will hopefully speak to the very things you see and feel and think as you wander and wonder about.

Here is a list of recommended resources for your continued study.


Is That All That There Is? [blog]

America’s New Religions [blog]


The Grieved Soul [prayer]

The Hound of Heaven [poem]


Evangelism in a Secular Age [podcast]


Re-Enchanting – Tim Keller


Faith Among the Faithless – Mike Cosper

Take Heart – Matt Chandler

Disruptive Witness – Alan Noble

Recapturing the Wonder – Mike Cosper

All That’s Good – Hannah Anderson

Eyes Wide Open – Steve DeWitt

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