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Resources for God’s Story and Lenses


We all view the world through glasses, through a narrative, a story, that helps us interpret the culture we breathe in and breathe out. We are all culture makers and culture exegetes—that is, we participate in the making of our culture and, at the same time, we are constantly making value and moral judgements of the culture that is being made.

The Gospel—the story of Jesus’ worldwide rescue—are lenses we need to put on in order to make and exegete in a way that brings joy to ourselves and those around us, and also brings glory to God.
So we will first work to put on these Gospel lenses. And then we will look at various aspects of culture, turning them around in our hands like different facets of a jewel, viewing them through new eyes.

During our Worldview series we want to provide you with resources to equip you in seeing the world in light of the gospel. Here are some resources on the last two week’s topics on the Bible, God’s Story and Lenses. Listen to these sermons here.


How To Articulate A Christian Worldview In 4 Easy Steps
The Urgency of Reading the Bible as One Story in the 21st Century
Wisdom Books
The Book and the Story


The Universe Next Door: A Basic Worldview Catalog – James W. Sire
Thinking. Loving. Doing. – John Piper
The Pursuit of God – AW Tozer
Mere Christianity – CS Lewis
Shape Your Life with the Words of Life
Bring the Bible Home to Your Heart


Acts29 – The Bible as Authority (6:17)
The Big Story (5:30)
The Bible is Not About You (2:32)