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The Paradox Church

Response to Current Events: Our Southern Border

The Church faces yet another painful picture of sin’s ever-present impact on our world as it  emerges on our national scene. All across mainstream and social media we see heartbreaking stories of our government separating children from their parents and holding them in cages in response to their illegal entry into the country.

Self proclaimed Christians are diametrically opposed on this issue and contribute to an escalating din of opinion and outrage as they join with those outside—and often opposed to—the faith family to proclaim their opinions and direct their anger at those they hold responsible.

Several prominent politicians and Christian leaders who often labor to protect the unborn have wrongly remained silent on the issue or have callously defended their political party’s position. While organizations associated with the heartless murder of children in the womb demand a noble response to this injustice.

What are we, as Christians, to do?

Let us remember we worship a God and Great King who was separated from his father through no evil action of his own, but for our evil actions. Our Jesus watched his father turn away from him and was separated ultimately through death at the hands of the government of his time. He was separated and died so that no one who calls on his name would ever be separated from the Father by the distance sin (committed and omitted, by and against us) creates.

When we face injustice like this or any other, let us do so with great courage to speak about justice as people who know and benefit from the cosmic injustice that Jesus suffered as he died for the undeserving and with great mercy offers us new mercy every day. Our courage and mercy need not run dry and impotent outrage can not take its place as we show the world, not apathy, hypocrisy, and disunity, but our love.

Let us seek to stay informed to engage and serve the innocent and disenfranchised in our immediate proximity. Pray through how you can engage the need for foster parents and adoptive parents. Sign up to disrupt sex trafficking through MASE. Serve the refugees in our community at Ladera Palms. Give and volunteer at the Fort Worth Pregnancy Center and help advocate for the unborn.

Pastor AJ Hamilton
on behalf of The Paradox Church Elders