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Jim Essian - April 27, 2014

The Meaning Of The Ascension

Mark 16: 9-20 Part 33 of our series "The Good King: A Study of the Gospel of Mark."

From Series: "Mark: The Good King"

The Gospel According to Mark proclaims the Good News (1:1) of the Good King who invites us into His Kingdom (1:15). The first half of the book reveals the authority and kingship of Jesus over nature (4:35-41, 6:40-52), disease (1:29-32 et al.), sin (2:5-7) and even spiritual forces (5:1-20 et al.). Then the second half of the book unveils the great paradoxical truth that this Good King is our Servant King coming to lay down His life as a ransom for us (8:31). The only one that has authority to save Himself doesn’t (15:30-32) so that those who can’t save themselves are saved. Yet this Good King who dies is still a Powerful King who conquers death and the grave (16:1-8) and, even now, is enthroned, ruling and reigning over His Kingdom (16:19) as our Good King.

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