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Matt Walker - June 26, 2014

Resurge - Intentional Living & City-Dwelling

What if?

Part 4 of the What If?

From Series: "What if?"

What if God called a group of people to a specific city? What if He gave them power and boldness, and through them, transformed it? What if they did everything different – money, sex, relationships, work, play, parties, parenting, art, music, hobbies – everything was different and it was on display for the city to see? What if they were solely about Jesus and not politics, morality, or religion? What if they had strong men that laid down their lives for everyone around them, leading people into deep, real, raw community – into a family of grace and strength? What if they actually loved and served the people of the city – not as a project – but because they were so loved by God? What would that kind of church look like?

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