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To The Moms And Dads

To the moms and dads at The Paradox,

I think I really saw you for the first time today. I saw beyond your Sunday best, the recently washed SUVs, and the concealer that hides the newborn lack of sleep. Your Instagram post couldn’t hide it this week and your bank account doesn’t contain enough money for a sufficient make-over or life-filter. I saw you and was reminded of your deep, desperate need for a God who breathes life over dead hearts and awakens our sleeping souls to his stunning character. Don’t you know what beauty is within your weakness? Do you know that the Spirit helps us in our weakness? (Rom. 8:26)

Broader still, our collective need for the Perfect Father is the loveliest of anthems. Will you sing it with us?

This is the heart behind the ministry of PRDX Kids and the upcoming PRDX Next Generation ministry that encompasses middle and high school and includes multiple formats to equip, resource, and train you as parents. We are committed, in the short- and long-term, to walk alongside you and your children as we repeat to one another our great need for the redemption and salvation of Jesus and how to find the fullness of God in the church (Eph. 1:23).

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and talk details. This partnership is tangible. It’s practical. We are making changes, creating new opportunities, and asking God for creativity and wisdom. I believe that the church can and should be the best resource for Biblical parenting. While we’re not there yet, I believe that you’ll see this solid foundation grow over the next two years.

I believe that the church can and should be the best resource for Biblical parenting.

Here’s what it looks like at The Paradox:

Prayer. We are committed to praying for you and your family. PRDX Kids and PRDX Next Gen will be led by men and women who intercede for the kingdom to come in your personal life, the lives of your children, and the rhythms of your family.

Sundays. This year we made a strategic change to our curriculum so that you would have more and better at-home discipleship resources. The Gospel Project for Kids puts an activity sheet in your hands each week, take-home discussion cards for family discipleship for each unit (every 13 weeks), and offers an app for both phone & iPad.

Resources. The check-in desk has a resource sheet with some of our favorite books and websites so you can make smart purchases for family devotions, children’s bibles, parenting books, and more.

Classes and Conferences. We are committed to planning training opportunities throughout the year where you can hear a variety of topics on parenthood, home life, and how to disciple & discipline your children, starting from pregnancy and walking with you as your children graduate high school and leave the nest.

Online. Communication and updates are currently done through The City group called “Parents of The Paradox” and moms are connected in the Facebook “Moms of The Paradox” group (email me to join). Starting this month, our newest rhythm is providing you with at least two blogs each month.

I’ve been a mom for over ten years and I’ve learned the most when I’ve spent time with other moms and dads, usually a few years ahead in their parenting journey. Cultivating those relationships will help you, humble you, and give you an army of people who are gospel-fighting for you. Ask questions and be a learner because parenthood is hard – made harder by prideful hearts and postures. The Paradox Church is here to stand alongside you in the battle.

I’ll end with this: when I saw you today, I fell more in love with you. Your weaknesses don’t scare me. I feel a kindred love for you because I’m struggling and falling forward in this parenting journey, too. Let’s link our frail arms together and look to Strength that will never fail us.

For God’s great glory and because God is at work in the lives of the children in Fort Worth,

Heather Thompson

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