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PRDX Top 5: “Saints and Sorrows” Edition

With a title like “Saints and Sorrows” it was only natural to walk into this sermon series with a hesitant and heavy heart, but the good news in Paul’s letter to the Philippians led us to rejoice all the more in God’s faithfulness. He showed us how God uses our suffering as a beautiful and unique means of grace, and reminded us of the surpassing worth we have in knowing Jesus.

To celebrate all the work God has done throughout the “Saints and Sorrows” sermon series, we have put together our “Top 5” moments that God has used to display His glory and grace this year. We hope it is a blessing to you and invite you to celebrate with us as you reflect on the ways God has provided you with hope and faith in Christ through our study of Philippians. Join us with a heart of thankfulness this week and share your stories of God’s grace! Tag us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, with #saintsandsorrows #prdx and let us know what you’ve seen God do through Saints and Sorrows.

Featured Sermon: “Suffering and Joy”

Suffering & Joy from The Paradox Church

As one of the most difficult concepts to grasp as a grace of God, Philippians 1:15-20 leads us to see the connection between suffering & joy, rejoicing that our suffering will turn out for our deliverance and that Christ would be honored, whether by life or by death.

Featured Scripture: Philippians 3:2-8

In a society where we are asked to sacrifice for every common and fleeting commodity, what a great reminder that this world has nothing to offer us compared to the gift and hope we receive in knowing Jesus.

Featured Song: “I Will Rejoice”

I Will Rejoice from Paradox Music & Arts

Need a song to shout at the enemy when you are suffering? You got it. Songwriters throughout the church have been responding to Philippians through song this year, and we are so glad they are. This song has given us a voice for rejoicing in the midst of suffering, and though heaven’s glow would mean relief, we will rejoice in the glory of the King!

Featured Event: Saints & Sorrows Art Show

What a night! We got to reflect and respond to Philippians together in the city and it was awesome! Don’t worry, we have another one coming Dec 9th at The Post in River East. Save the date and finish celebrating the year with us!

Featured Video: The Gift of Suffering

View video here.

There is no mistaking the grace of God to allow us to walk through our suffering together, reminding us through these stories that he is with us and he is enough.

Featured Storyteller: You

It’s time for you to share what God has done in and around you throughout our time in Philippians. Share this post and tag us with #saintsandsorrows #prdx. Let the world know how God has impacted you this year! We can’t wait to hear your story! Let’s go!

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