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What is Acts 29?

by Pastor Jim

We are partnered with the Acts 29 Network. Here is a little bit about why.


The Acts 29 church planting network was founded by Mark Driscoll in 1998. As of 2015 the network includes over 500 churches on six continents with Matt Chandler of The Village Church as it’s president.

Coming from the world of professional sports, I feel I have found a band of brothers–teammates–with Acts 29. While most churches (especially in the south) are competitive–which is obviously ridiculous and sinful–Acts 29 churches seek to love, give, resource, coach, and fight for other churches, not against them. This post by my friend Nick Ostermann, pastor of The City Church here in Fort Worth is a testimony to that. It is rare that another pastor of a  young church in the same area would tell his people to give us money, tell their friends, and be praying for us. It is this kind of philosophy about the Gospel that drew me to Acts 29.

80% of new churches fail (don’t make it past three years) and yet the Acts 29 Network has successfully planted (a church that is self-sustaining and reproducing by year three) 98% of their churches!  They are by far the most successful church planting organization.

Acts 29 churches are committed to planting other churches. At The Paradox, we don’t want to become an impotent institution, but a Spirit-powered movement that plants churches down the street, in the US, and throughout the world. We are the offspring of The Village Church and City View Church (which also planted The Rooted Church). The Gospel has never remained static but has always been a dynamic movement that transforms the lives of men and women–we want to play our part in this well.

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